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Tax Resolution

Dependable Tax Resolution in Mobile

tax resolution services in MobileThe process of filing your taxes each year is complicated, especially if you are a small business owner. No matter how diligent you are, mistakes can still occur. Regardless of the nature of your tax problem, the IRS moves quickly, and it can feel like you are unprepared and facing them alone. At McNorton Ishee & Jones, PC, we have the experience and skillset to help you resolve any federal, state, or local tax issue in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Mobile tax resolution team has in-depth knowledge of tax law and decades of experience coordinating with the IRS on our clients' behalf. We pride ourselves on providing personal, one-on-one assistance over the phone, through Zoom calls, or at your place of business. Additionally, we like to keep our clients fully informed throughout the tax resolution process by simplifying complex tax concepts and answering any questions.

Since 2010, we have helped owners of pass-through companies in downtown Mobile, Midtown, Spring Hill, and their surrounding communities with their tax problems, and we want to do the same for you. We are eager to meet you and help you begin your journey to total tax relief. If you would like experienced CPAs in your corner, call our office today for your free initial consultation!

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How Do Tax Problems Occur?

As an owner of pass-through entity like a sole proprietorship, LLC, or S corporation, you face various tax season challenges because your company's income goes through your personal tax returns. Details matter to the IRS, and even one discrepancy between your records and your tax return can get their full attention. Some common ways that tax problems occur include:

  • Filing errors: Can happen because of returning unsigned forms or choosing the wrong filing status
  • Failure to file: Includes simply forgetting, procrastination, or being out of the country during tax season
  • Information discrepancies: Can be as simple as claiming deductions that do not align with your records
  • Missing deadlines: Are commonly caused by not knowing the deadline for your entity type
  • Life events: May include events like divorce or a death in the family

The IRS garnishes wages and imposes fees and penalties each year because of mistakes like these. Regardless of how your tax problem happened, our team will be there every step of the way to help provide you with the tax relief you deserve.

IRS Audits

If you are being audited, it can be an intimidating and unfamiliar experience. You might not know where to begin or the proper steps to take for a response.

At McNorton Ishee & Jones, PC, our CPAs will be your direct line of communication to the IRS. Having proper representation allows you to not worry about how to interact with government entities and instead focus on what matters. We have helped countless individuals resolve their audits without ever having to interact with the IRS, and we will do the same for you. There are two types of audits that we have extensive experience handling.

Correspondence Audits

business partners reviewing finance reportThe most common audit the IRS conducts is called a correspondence audit. Typically, they will send you a written request for additional information about specific items or issues on your tax return. Tax authorities tend to pay close attention to pass-through entities as audits of the company open a gateway to the owner's tax information. Although correspondence audits are standard and often straightforward to resolve, failure to produce sufficient information can result in fines, liens on property, or criminal investigations.

Our Mobile tax resolution accountants will coordinate with the IRS over the phone and through letters during the audit process. We will meticulously sort through your documents, including tax returns and business income and expense information. An agent may elevate a correspondence audit to a field audit if the issue becomes too complex. There is no need to panic if your audit gets elevated, as we can represent you for that, too.

Field Audits

When a correspondence audit gets updated to a field audit, the revenue agent will visit your home or place of business to conduct an in-person examination. Field audits are commonly conducted because the IRS is looking for information that has not been included in your tax returns or furnished through additional documents. It is common for revenue agents to expand their scope of inquiry to include things you were not expecting, like tax returns from other years.

We will meet with the revenue agent in person to provide any information needed and answer any questions they ask. Our Mobile tax resolution professionals stay proactive during field audits. We will prepare your documents ahead of time so that we are ready for any further inquiries.

Payroll Tax Resolution in Mobile

irs agent auditing finance documentsAs a small business owner, you must handle your company's payroll taxes. You are responsible for allocating the necessary funds from their paychecks for services like Social Security, Medicare, and other insurance programs. The IRS has a stricter policy for any issues involving payroll funds, which can result in harsher penalties.

Our team is skilled at finding the cause of payroll problems. Something as simple as one line of mistyped information can lead to significant tax implications for you and your company. We can help you develop appropriate plans in response to payroll tax problems, including an offer in compromise.

Offer in Compromise (OIC)

An offer in compromise (OIC) is a way to settle outstanding tax debt with the IRS for less than the total amount owed. It can be an ideal option if you cannot pay the total amount that the IRS is requesting.

To help you make an informed decision, we will sit down with you to discuss what an offer in compromise entails and the implications on your future tax returns. If an OIC is a suitable solution for you, our CPAs will file your application as soon as possible.

3 Ways We Can Help Prevent Tax Problems

Our skilled Mobile tax resolution team can not only help you with your current tax problems, but they can also prevent future tax problems from occurring. We will work with you throughout the year to ensure that we take preventive measures that protect you and your company from unwanted IRS attention. Some ways that we can promote a smooth and pleasant tax season include:

  1. Staying Proactive: We will not wait until the last minute to file your tax returns. Our staff will help you file your taxes early to provide plenty of time to double-check documents, leaving no room for filing errors.
  2. Keeping Organized: Tax returns capture complex information about you and your company. The slightest error in your tax returns can result in harsh penalties. We will securely save and store any necessary documents to enable quick and precise retrieval of information.
  3. Protecting Sensitive Information: Identity theft can happen to anyone. Any dealings with taxes provide an opportunity for sensitive information to be compromised. Our team will physically and electronically secure your documents to reduce the chances of identity theft.

Your Experienced Mobile Tax Resolution Professionals

At McNorton Ishee & Jones, PC, we are passionate about helping you find solutions for tax problems with federal, state, and local agencies. We will interact with them on your behalf and present information that helps eliminate any grey areas.

Our team has the experience and expertise to represent you no matter the tax issue. If you are a small business owner in need of tax resolution assistance in downtown Mobile, Midtown, or Spring Hill, contact us today for your free consultation!

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